Recognized as one of the 11 most enhanced buildings in St. Louis.



In 1917, The Willys-Overland Auto Company, once one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and hosting the first indoor St. Louis Auto Show in history, constructed a then massive, 6 story building at 2300 Locust Street. Customers could peruse the latest models in the expansive new car showroom, which extended across the north side of the first floor of the building.  By 1932, Willys-Overland had reached its peak in popularity and was the second-largest car manufacturer in the country.

In 1935, Willys sold the 2300 Locust building and the company was eventually acquired by the American Motors Company. The Willys-Overland Auto Company slowly faded.  From 1935 to 1963, 2300 Locust was owned by the American Fixture and Manufacturing Co, followed by a series of businesses, occupying primarily the first floor until the early 70’s. Eventually in 1999, promotions and consulting pioneer, SJI Companies, saw the potential of this once great giant and brought life back to this beautiful building.


SJI Companies purchased the building, naming it the SJI Building, and renovations began in 1999 after its official nomination into the National Historic Register. In June of 2000, the new SJI building received a Mayor’s Spirit of St. Louis Award for historic renovation.  The SJI Companies also received an award from the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, which recognized 2300 Locust as one of the 11 most enhanced buildings in St. Louis.


NSI Ventures, LLC purchased 2300 Locust in February 2005 investing over 3 million dollars on improvements and keeping the historical status of the building intact. Their tenant, ANSIRA formerly NSI Marketing Services A.K.A The National System, founded over 90 years ago, moved in to occupy floors four, five, six and half of one.  The building was renamed the NSI Building. The National System was purchased in December 2005 by the Frontenac Company and was subsequently purchased by KRG Capital Partners – a Denver based private investment firm and again by Advent International, one of the largest global private equity investors.  ANSIRA, formerly NSI Marketing Services A.K.A The National System, remains as the current tenant.


KRG Capital Partners

Advent International


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